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Tumble Wheels Inc. 609-465-3515
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Tumble Wheels Inc. 609-465-3515 Day Cares

Tumble Wheels Inc. visits your day care center, school, church, etc. once a week at a scheduled time. We work with the Directors to come up with the best schedule for all our families. Every visit will last for 40 minutes and will be taught by at least two coaches at all times. Tumble Wheels Inc. currently enrolls children from 2 years old through 7 years of age. We have weekly lesson plans that are aimed at making sure your child has fun and is exposed to something new. We feel it is important for our children to feel success for their own accomplishments, not ones that are compared to others. We strive for each child to work towards their own "personal best". Each week Tumble Wheels Inc. arrives at your school with a special lesson plan and varied equipment arrangements. We have over 82 different lesson plans so the children learn something new every week.

Child's Rewards

Gymnastics is the FOUNDATION for every sport. They develop coordination, strength, power, discipline, gain self-esteem, confidence, social interaction, rhythm, set goals, major developmental movements, and BODY AWARENESS. We teach the children to stay positive and learn they can achieve anything they dream about!

School Rewards

Your school will have a great new program to help enhance your existing curriculum. There is NO COST to your facility. Fees are billed directly to the parents. Tumble Wheels Inc. handles registration and all billing. It's really easy check out our payment options.

Parent's Rewards

With today's busy lifestyle, we have found that parents are not always able to find the time to do all that they want for their children. By bringing TWI to your school, we give each child the opportunity to participate in an excellent fitness program that doesn't infringe on the family's valuable private evening hours.

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