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Our program

Our program is designed to focus on teaching every child the fundamentals of movement, coordination, flexibility, team work, socialization, strength, agility and overall fitness.  If your child is 18 months old to 7 years old we have customized classes to allow them reach their highest potential while having FUN!

Tumble Wheels has tons of equipment! Every week we bring different equipment to keep your little one so excited!

Tiny Minnows (18months - 2.5 years)
Let your little one explore our colorful gym, as well as, introduce them to physical activity.  Children will learn gross & fine motor skills and be introduced to basic gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, tuck jumps, hanging and hopping skills.  This is also a great way to introduce your child to important social skills such as listening, taking turns and following directions.

Classes are designed to improve coordination, strength, flexibility and confidence of our students.  Our classes incorporate plyometric warm-ups, stretching, basic conditioning skills and basic tumbling. Every obstacle courses will consist of equipment that changes every week to keep our students excited. Our equipment consists of soccer nets, basketball nets, vaulting, single rail bars, parrallel bars, spring boards, tramplines, hurdles, incline mats, octagons, rings, rock climbing walls, balancing pods, balance beams and so much more! Gymnastics is such a great way to learn body awareness and greatly improve overall coordination! We give your child a head start in ALL their future sports. We teach forward rolls, leg lifts to roundoff back handsprings and kips on bars!

Our coaches are USAG gymnastics instructors so we know routines and skills your gymnast is required to compete. Every week build on your gymnasts skills for all events and levels.

Weekly lessons plans are set to lively music as the children perform tumbling, conditioning, stretching, agility training and obstacle courses.  We teach basic skills such as push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, jumping and so much more to improve your child's overall fitness.
Ages 2.5 - 7 years old  (classses are all divided into age groups)
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