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Krystle Goodman Pera Director/Owner

Krystle is one of most knowlegeable and experienced gymnasitc coaches in South Jersey. She has always had a love and passion for coaching gymnastics.  Her father, Randy Goodman came up with the wonderful idea of Tumble Wheels where she fell in love with the idea and founded Tumble Wheels Inc. in 2007. Krystle is a USAG certified coach and her Tumble Wheels program is an USAG team member which brings the newest education for her program.  She saw the need for physical fitness for children at a young age and created a program to make this possible. Building on her experience as an elite athlete, 5 time National qualifer at Level 10 and coaching at several clubs, Krystle has developed a program that will encourage a fun, positive and developmental atmosphere for all children who participate. Her goal is to share her passion for living an active lifestyle to all children. The rising epidemic of child inactivity and obesity becomes a greater concern every year, and the best way to slow this trend is to encourage a healthy and physically active lifestyle at a young age. Teaching our children now will instill values that can have a lifelong impact on their future health and physical fitness.

Now with 6 Tumble Wheels buses operating she and her husband, Greg Pera together build and grow Tumble Wheels program together.

Alicia Rowlands Assistant Director

Alicia grew up in Pennsylvania and has been involved in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading in the Lehigh Valley area since she was 5 years old. In high school she became very involved with competitive cheerleading and competed at national level competitions all over the country. After high school she continued her passion by being on a semi-pro dance team for 3 years and coaching high school cheerleading for 4 years.   

She's spent the past 15 years coaching cheerleading and tumbling classes for all ages and levels.

She has a passion for teaching children to have a lifelong love of fitness, which has led to her becoming a highly trained Tumble Wheels preschool fitness trainer. 

Alicia is a certified USAIGC instructor. With her background and love of encouraging students, she is a natural fit as an instructor with Tumble Wheels.    Recently she has started to teach aerial arts and has taken over as the head coach of AOGAC's competititve gymnastic team, of which her daughter competes with.   She also is very involved with her 2 sons athletics which include wrestling (in which her husband coaches) soccer, football and track.

Kelly has been involved with cheerleading all through grade school and highschool. She cheered for Margaret Mace School and Wildwood High School. For the past 9 years her daughter has been involved in gymnastics and dance. Kelly is on her 4th year as a gymnastics teacher at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer and on her third year with Tumbles Wheels. Kelly loves teaching fitness to young children and brings love and passion she has for the sport to all her students!








Kellyann Szambelak
Sammi Jane Lederer


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