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Pre-school or Day Care Center?

Start Tumble Wheels Program at your school today!

Tumble Wheels would love to bring our exciting program to your school! We are currently enrolling pre-schools and daycare centers in South Jersey.  Contact us for more details.  We can visit your school for a "FREE OPEN HOUSE" for all your families to see our amazing gym! This is a great opportunity for parents to ask questions to our staff and for Directors to receive feedback from parents.  

Your school will have a great new program to enhance your existing curriculum. Our program is completely independent of your facility therefore, no space, cost, overhead or teacher's time is required.  Everything needed for weekly classes is on Tumble Wheels. Your teachers benefit will also benefit because it gives them a break to allow more time/opportunity for them to complete other tasks.  We handle all registrations, fees and questions associated with our program.

Tumble Wheels Inc. visits your day care center, school, church, etc. once a week at a scheduled time. Many of our schools we hold clases back to back to accomadate all the students.  Our classes are typically 10 students per class.  We work with the directors to come up with the best schedule for all our students. Every visit will be taught by two coaches at all times. Every Tumble Wheels staff member is an USAG certified instructor, USAG saftey certified and have background checks.  Our classes begin at 18 months through 7 years old.  We have weekly lesson plans that are aimed at making sure each child has a fun experience and is exposed to something new. We guarentee your families will fall in love with our program!

We feel it is important for our children to feel success for their own accomplishments, not ones that are compared to others. We strive for each child to work towards their own "personal best". Each week Tumble Wheels Inc. arrives at your school with a special lesson plan and varied equipment arrangements. We have over 90 different lesson plans so the children learn something new every week.  

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